Fees and Finance

Application Fee

EUR 100 must be payed upon application

Tuition Fee

EUR 2900/semester

Deadlines for transferring tuition fee: 

Fall semester: July 15
Spring semester: January 15

Special price until May 31 for Non-European Students !!!

If you pay the first semester's fee and stay for at least two semester : 5000/ 2 semesters


Bank transfer details:

Bank account holder: Szent István Egyetem

Name of bank: Magyar Államkincstár Rt. (Hungarian State Treasury)

Bank’s address: 1139, Budapest, Váci út 71. HUNGARY

Account number: 10032000-00282826-01120008

Address: 2100, Gödöllő, Páter Károly utca 1. HUNGARY


IBAN number: HU87-10032000-00282826-01120008

Swift (BIC) code: HUSTHUHB

Please indicate the following in the “Note” section of the document:

Your name and the reason of the payment ("Application fee/Tuition fee") and MLA, FLAU-SZIU



All payments to the above account must be made from an identifiable bank account via bank transfer. All other forms of payment (postal check, cash payment, VIBER transfer) will be refused.

Any disadvantage or problem arising from not making the payment in the proper form and to the given bank account number will be the responsibility of the student.

In order to be able to identify the individual payments it is necessary that the "comments" section be filled in precisely! The first character in the "Comments" section cannot be an empty space! 


Important: the 4 hour transfer limit in effect for daytime transfers in Hungary is not applicable for payments made to the joint account. The amount will appear in the students’ joint account minimum 1 (but possibly only 2 or 3 days after the actual date of transfer). Please keep this in mind at all times, but especially during the exam periods!