MLA Courses


Master of Arts in Landscape Architecture and Garden Art - MLA  
1. Semester - Introductory: Garden and Openspace Design  
  Title Type(s) ECTS
  Introductory workshop Lecture, Site visit 0.0
  Architectural and Landscape Architectural Space Theory  Lecture, Site visit 06.0
  Landscape and Garden Design Lecture, Tutorial, Studio 10.0
  Landscape Graphics & Communications 1. Lecture, Tutorial, Studio 04.0
  Planting Materials and planting Design  Lecture, Tutorial, Studio 04.0
  Studies in Urban Sociology and Ecology Lecture, Seminar 04.0
  Elective 1. Lecture, Seminar 02.0
2. Semester - Intermediate: Design of Historic Sites and Landscapes  
  Title Type(s) ECTS
  Ecology and Plant Materials of Historic Sites Lecture, Seminar, Studio,  04.0
  Design of Historic Landscapes and Sites Lecture, Tutorial, Studio 08.0
  Renewal of Historic Gardens and Urban Openspaces  Lecture, Studio, Site visit 08.0
  Landscape Graphics & Communications 2. Lecture, Tutorial, Studio 04.0
  History of Garden Art and Landscapes Lecture, Tutorial, Seminar 04.0
  Elective 2. Lecture, Seminar 02.0
3. Semester - Advanced: Landscape Planning and Design    
  Title Type(s) ECTS
  Planting Design in Landscape Renewal Projects Tutorial, Studio 04.0
  Sustainable Landscape Design and Planning Lecture, Tutorial, Studio 06.0
  Regional Planning Lecture, Seminar, Studio 06.0
  Landscape Graphics & Communications 3. Lecture, Tutorial, Studio 04.0
  Urban Landscapes - Urban Green Systems Lecture, Tutorial, Studio 08.0
  Elective 3. Seminar, Studio 02.0
4. Semester - Final thesis:     
  Title Type(s) ECTS
  Academic Writing and Presentation Skills Lecture, Tutorial, Studio 04.0
  Thesis (individual design) in Landscape Design Tutorial, Seminar 22.0
  Trends in Contemporary Landscape Architecture Lecture, Seminar 04.0