The '4D' Journal of Landscape Architecture and Garden Art is a professional and scientific journal  and- can be considered as the organic continuation of a former periodical that was called ‘Landscape Architecture’ dealing with issues of garden- and landscape design –being published between 2000 and 2005. Hence the professional Hungarian landscape architecture  publication is over 10 years old.

The selection of the new journal title of ‘4D’ has two reasons. The abbreviated title symbolizes the contemporary scientific trends- that could be mostly observed in Information Technology and according to which everything should be short, straingthforward and fast. It also refers to the habit of young generation, who use acronyms, short symbols for complex meanings. It is also true for visualization, hence the aim of the journal is to focus on contemporary trends both in design and in visualization. We would like to provide  high quality readings not only for the young landscape architect generation but also for senior professionals dealing with the landscape, with settlements and with open spaces alike.

The other reason of the choice  of the short title of two symbols ‘4D’ is combining the numerical value and the time attribute. The four dimensions are composed from 4 entities: 3 space coordinates and the time coordinate, resulting in 4 dimensions. Hence, the title of the journal in its name clearly symbolizes the general approach of landscape observation: a given space should be described in the change over time. As the composition of the garden couldn't be defined without the fourth dimension, without the time, the landscape and the settlement are also could be known and understood only by their historical developments and in the changing processes of time. The designer, the landscape architect and the garden artist could make Space-shaping Creations only by incorporating the fourth dimension, the time in his or her design. This title alludes to the timeless change and dynamism of the landscape and the garden. It gives a special character for the profession, demands complex architectural-ecologycal knowledge and it alludes to the thing that formed the garden art and landscape design into individual genre.

The ’4D’ is a journal of the Szent István University. But at the same time it aims to be – according to our expectations – a colorful forum of any professionals and designers working in the fields of native landscape architecture, open space design, garden design, research of the historical gardens, protection of monuments in garden design, settlement- and landscape design, landscape design and landscape protection and landscape rehabilitation. We would like to make this journal open and reachable for wider community and its success widely depends on the authors. Our aim not only to publish scientific articles and publications but also to present open space and garden art creations, landscape designs, settlement- and landscape designing works in the journal being published four times a year.

The ’4D’ is an ambitious project. We know that professional publications are worth writing  for periodical which has a  high popularity or high standard. Our aim is to make this magazine well known in Hungary and in abroad alike, and to make it a periodical with scientific  impact factor as soon as possible. As in the education, we have to open towards the European standard both in the professional research and in design, as well. Our aim is to widen the professional communication between Hungarian and European landscape architects, by making this journal accessible and open to other countries. Hence, we publish our papers in two languages, in Hungarian and in English.

We are making connections with foreign professional journals, authors and workshops to give knowledge- and creation transmitter function on the field of European Landscape Architecture. We count on the assistance of every old and new contributors, authors and supporters.


Dr. Imre Jámbor

general editor, founder of the journal


'4D' Journal of Landscape Architecture and Garden Art

Owner and publisher:
Szent István University
Hungary, 2100 Gödöllő, 
Páter K. strret 1.


General editor:
Dr. Imre Jámbor

Editorial office:
Szent István University, Buda Campus
Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Department of Garden and Open Space Design
Hungary, 1118 Budapest, Villányi Street 35-43.

Responsible editor:
Dr.  Kinga M. Szilágyi

IssN 1787-6613


Bocz Press
Hungary, 7621 Pécs, Mohácsi Street 18.

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Viktor Suszter

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