ECLAS UNISCAPE 2019 Conference in Oslo (15-17 September)

"Lessons from the past, visions for the future."

The Faculty was represented at this year's ECLAS conference with a large staff. The conference is hosted by Europe's oldest school of landscape architecture, the Norwegian School of Landscape Architecture, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, NMBU, Oslo, Aas. On the occasion of the centenary, the conference organizers expected lectures on teaching methodology, on history of education and history of landscape architectural schools.
As 2019 is also Mőcsényi Centenary Year at our school,  Kinga Szilágyi gave a lecture on the educational and institutional development done by  Professor Mihály Mőcsényi and his special teaching methods in the. The presentation of Krisztina Szabó and Doma - Judit Tarcsányi was about dendrology and plant application education, how it is integrated in our teaching program both vertically and horizontally. Eszter Bakay gave a presentation on how modeling helps to teach design subjects. Anna Eplényi described the artistic landscaping tasks done with landscape design students in a frame of an elective subject and with the school-age children attending the creative workshop. The presentations were of high quality and content, and several questions were raised about the issues. Zita Szabó, our PhD student attended the PhD Colloquium and prepared a poster for the conference.
We were all very proud of Fruzsina Zelenák, who received this year's “Outstanding Student of the Third Cycle (PhD)” award from ECLAS! Congratulations, Fruzsi !!
Monday afternoon's other uplifting experience was planting a  grove of trees  in memory of the 'great old men' of landscape architecture. We commemorate seven award-winning ECLAS Lifetime Achievement professors who have dynamically developed landscape architectural education in their home countries and played a major role in establishing different international professional organizations organizations in Europe. The idea of ​​planting trees was raised by Kinga Szilágyi, who was enthusiastically supported by ECLAS management. Mihály Mőcsényi, among others, was remembered by the entire audience of the ECLAS conference this sunny afternoon!